Congratulations to all riders! As a special offer, you may purchase all low resolution images in your gallery for $ 349. If you have an abundance of photos, that is an incredibly good price. Photos are 9 inches on the long side at 135 ppi. If you wish to purchase all photos in your gallery, please email [email protected] or call 864-764-9559 to place the order. I will send an invoice through Square or you may pay the $ 349 to Paypay. I will then send a zip folder to your email address. Thank you for the honor of serving as your official photographer!
Sharon/Horse Sports Photo

*Awards Team USA


Team USA Coaches

Andie Sue Roth - Aniko

Charlotte Merle-Smith - Guata

Cynthia Screnci - Sir Chipoli

Deborah Stanitski - Heros

Deborah Stanitski - Skovlunds De Nice

Eleanor Brimmer - Richelieu Stensvang

Emma Jameson - Cortesana La

Kate Shoemaker - Solitaer 40

Mary Jordon - Rubicon 75

Mary Jordon - Rubicon 75

Megan Benge - Richard Lowenherz

Michelle Labarre - Fivestar

Rebecca Hart - El Corona Texel

Rebecca Hart - Fortune 500

Veronica Gogan - Mason