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Prints available in fine art cotton, canvas or photo resin papers.
Bolero, LusitanoBuckskin Stallion 20 x 16ClearConnectionDark Knight 20 x 24 copyDon Principe of Marydell FarmsEPNSP09-SP-257Fiderhit OLD aka "Fantasy"Flair 30 x 30  Fine Art Cotton or Canvas PrintHalf Pass SchoolingHarmonys Mythilus, Team USA 2010 OlympicsHer Highness OJustAKissMachoMarydell Boys-8x10Marydell BoysMarydell GirlsMy Lady - FEI Grand Prix ChampionOlympia FEI Award Winning MareDVN-SP_5020Paragon, successfully shown to FEI Grand Prix Championships by Heather Blitz